Caitlyn Jenner- Vanity Fair- édition juillet 2015
Caitlyn Jenner- Vanity Fair- édition juillet 2015

You’ve piqued my curiosity. A healthy curiosity—the kind that makes you want to learn about the other. Curiosity rooted in empathy.

I live in the present and thrive only on positive thoughts and actions. Does this make me a naïve woman? Not in the least.

I’m not interested in rehashing worn-out controversies or psychoanalyzing anyone. That would be silly.

I just want to write you a letter, Caitlyn. A letter addressed to you, and through you, to all those who make up your community.

When I found out that Bruce had become Caitlyn, my first thought was that it was brave of you to take the leap.

You have to be a strong woman to reveal yourself to the eyes of the world the way you have. Every day, thousands of us wish we could change something in our lives, but we don’t dare take the first step. The approval of another gives us the permission we need. The gaze of another encourages us. Or maybe not.

Just living life is not easy, but at some point, it becomes an obstacle course.

It’s not all about money, fame, and the spotlight.

Money made you a beautiful woman. The kind of woman who turns heads. A woman who would turn my head. And I wouldn’t blush.

Your renown makes you a figurehead for the transgender community, but it takes nothing away from what you’ve been through.

Sometimes television is a magic window. Sometimes it is a twisted mirror. Sometimes you can’t trust it.

Caitlyn, I love you for your human qualities. The qualities that made you the man you were, and the qualities that make you the woman you are. I know you as an athlete and the pride of a nation, and as a speaker who can move the masses. And you moved me when you became the woman you always were.

You are beautiful. You are spontaneous. You have poise and grace. And sometimes you remind me of a sweet little girl.

Never change! Keep blossoming, for yourself and for your community. Fight for your friends, for your sisters, for those who love you, and for those who envy you. You are a weapon. Not a weapon that wounds—a weapon that unites.

You are a woman. To my eyes, you don’t just represent a community. You represent women. At the very least, you represent this woman. And I thank you for it.