Joshua is a classically handsome American man. The kind that makes women stare and sigh…and men too. A credit to his country.

With all due deference to differing tastes, Joshua is the ideal man, straight out of a romantic movie. The man you meet at a time in your life when all you want to do is take some time for yourself. But as soon as he looks in your eyes, you forget all about your promise to yourself to stay single. Who, me? Take a break? Forget it!

He’s the kind of man who opens car doors for you, carries your bags, and is always ready with a word of advice or encouragement. He’s patient when you aren’t, and he accepts your flaws, even when you obviously don’t have any. He’s the man with a shoulder made to rest your head on in the evening, and arms made to embrace you the next morning.

But most of all, Joshua is the kind of man who is never deterred by what others see as obstacles. He’s an optimist, the kind who can convince you to leave your country, your family, and your friends behind.

Joshua is serendipity. The kind of man who makes you believe in fate.

Have you ever found yourself wondering if you are on hidden camera?

Flashback: A client from Paris had reserved me a flight and a hotel room in Chicago so I could bring him back some baseball memorabilia. I had two short days to get to Chicago and shop for shirts and hats with the logo of his favorite team, the Cubs, without going to a game or even visiting the city. I was delighted to have this eager, demanding, rich client…who didn’t dare board an airplane.

As my short trip was drawing to a close, I was heading for the elevators in the John Hancock Center, when Joshua approached me. His shyness was charming, and his insistence that I have a drink with him won me over. It takes the elevator exactly thirty-nine seconds to reach the observation deck. And it took Joshua thirty-nine seconds to convince me.

The magic of Chicago, a chance meeting, a few months of emails and a few Paris-Chicago round-trip tickets, and the foundations of a new relationship were built.

It took me less than a day to make up my mind, and two short months to leave my life in Paris behind. Actually, they seemed like the longest two months of my life, but I never wavered in my decision.

So why did I have this strange feeling now?

What was making my woman’s intuition hum as Joshua sat next to me on the balcony?

To be continued …


Translated from french by Kenneth Barger 🙂